Ten Faults In The Car That Cannot Be Ignored

Posted On Friday 12th April 2019 By: admin

Car Service

Some car breakdowns are not critical and allow you to operate the car, while others, require immediate repair. Let's look at the most common "faults" fwith which it is better not to joke.

Control lamps


The driver reads information about the condition of the car and its systems from the instrument panel, through warning lights that show the state of the engine, gearbox, address, working fluid, etc. Therefore, if some indicators of your car do not work, it’s impossible to identify the problem in time. This not only exacerbates malfunctions that can lead to costlier repairs but also threatens the safety of passengers.

Signs and warning lights that do not work on the dashboard should be repaired without delay. Its fault is easy to detect, when the ignition is connected, all the lamps on the panel are turned on only for visual diagnostics of their condition. I saw an icon that does not burn: plan to visit the service.

Brake system


It is no secret that the brake system of the car should always be in good condition.

Yes, a slight leakage of brake fluid from the line or a pressure drop in the system allows you to drive a car for a while. But it’s impossible to predict when this leakage will become critical or if the fluid leaves the system. But imagine the consequences of such problems even as. Any failure in the brake system requires immediate repair.



Failures of the steering system (breakdowns of hydraulic or electric steering, steering stands, individual components) are also critical elements, as they directly affect driving safety. If there are suspicions of problems with the address, contact the auto repair service for diagnostics. Most likely, teachers will not find anything terrible, but any question is solved better immediately, it is easier and cheaper.



Don’t be hurry to get rid of chassis Problems. Motorist think they can drive a car with faults, but it is not so easy. For example, the “buzzing” bearing of the hub during movement may become very hot and expand, which sooner or later leads to clogging of the hub assembly and blocking the wheel. It is impossible to foresee this moment in advance, but it is possible and necessary to fix it in time. The same rule applies to other components, such as shock absorbers, springs, levers and silent blocks.

Cooling system


Any failure of the engine cooling system in most cases leads to a complete engine failure, costly repair or replacement of the assembly. It is worth noting that with a small leak of coolant, you can continue to move, keeping the level of antifreeze within the normal range. But in this case, malfunctions in work, such as a faulty thermostat or a cooling fan, do not leave an opportunity to receive your power in the nearest Autotechcenter: the engine overheats and the previous repair will be carried out.

Fuel system


Any leakage of the fuel system is critical to road safety, so mechanical damage to pipes and connections requires immediate repair. In fact, in a car, there are structurally many parts that get very hot when driving (for example, an exhaust system), and even a small amount of fuel can cause a fire.

Working fluids


In the car, liquids work so you need to keep an eye on it. For example, if you keep driving at a low level (pressure) of engine oil, you can start saving money on repairs. Structurally, the engine is designed so that, without pressure in the lubrication system, wear is faster, parts with friction surfaces (of which there are many inside the engine) overheat, expand, deform and, as a result, all This may cause your engine to hang. Therefore, if you see a red oil pressure warning lamp in the instrument panel, it is better to turn off the engine, stop and try to inspect it for possible oil leaks visually. If a visual inspection does not work, try calling any service station and asking them how to proceed.

It is equally important to regularly check the levels of all working fluids in the system: the level of oil, antifreeze, brakes and hydraulic fluids, as well as, interestingly, fuel. In the end, many drivers for one reason or another prefer to drive with an almost empty tank, which can lead to the failure of the fuel pump: the circulation of fuel often cools new fuel pumps, and if the fuel ends unexpectedly, the pump begins to suck air and merely to come out.



Any abnormal behavior of an automatic transmission (shaking, delays during changes, etc.) is the reason for contacting a specialized service. All these are the first signs of a faulty transmission drive or control system. It is essential that, in the process of abnormal operation, the power units of the gearbox are subjected to excessive and extremely rapid wear. As a rule, if you keep putting off repairs all the time, you can “carry out” a significant overhaul of the installation. Although initially the malfunction, most likely, was not so serious.

If you have a manual gearbox, then it is worth monitoring the condition of the clutch (unpleasant smell, strange sounds and reduced acceleration efficiency, the reason to contact the customer service), as well as the drive mechanism. Change the speed and level of oil in the box. In the end, repairing even “manual” gearboxes is not a cheap pleasure.

Power Supply


Incorrect operation of the battery charging system and the generator itself cannot be ignored. For a while, of course, you can move using the charge accumulated in the battery. But, as in modern cars, all systems, without exception, are powered from the onboard network, with one battery you cannot drive more than 30 km. Therefore, turning on the red battery warning light (battery icon) on the dashboard is another reason to go to the nearest car service Centre.



Continuing the conversation about electricity, it is also worth mentioning such a nuance as a fault in the electrical circuit of the car. Any damage to the cable insulation may cause short circuits and even fire. Therefore, due to the banal wiring of lighting devices, you can completely lose the car.

Thus, we can conclude that practically any car malfunction can lead to failure of the clutch parts and make their movement unsafe, and repair expenses.

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